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German Apple Cake

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: German Foods
Calories: 208kcal
Author: kraaker


  • 4 small apples
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter room temperature
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla sugar or vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp fresh lemon juice 3 large eggs
  • 4 eggs room temperature
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbsp milk
  • ½ cup Powdered sugar to sprinkle on the cooled cake


  • Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C) and grease the bottom of a 9- or 10-inch springform
  • Peel, quarter, and core the apples. Make a ¼ “slice in each apple quarter lengthwise but not all the way through the apple
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat butter until creamy, about 1 minute. Add sugar and mix until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes.
  • Add eggs one at a time and beat for 30 seconds on high speed after each addition.
  • Add vanilla sugar (or extract), salt, and lemon juice. Beat until combined.
  • Combine flour, baking powder, and salt. With the mixer running on low speed add half of the flour, then 1 tbsp milk, followed by the remaining flour, and then the remaining milk. Beat until just combined. Don't overmix!
  • Transfer batter into prepared pan and smooth the top with a spatula. Take each quarter of the apples and turn them upside down so you see the slices. the apples all around the cake and then put next apples into inner circle on top of the batter in a circular pattern until all the apples are gone. Bake in the lower third of the oven for 45 minutes, until lightly browned and a skewer comes out clean. Transfer to a cooling rack and remove the springform ring. Let cake cool on the bottom of the springform pan to room temperature. Sprinkle powdered sugar over the cooled cake and serve with sweetened whipped cream.