David Malek introduces Kathryn to the Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery & Cookware Company products. Their balanced knives have anti-bacterial handles. They also have a beautiful line of cookware with freestanding lids that reduce counter space. The lids also reduce bacteria on the counter. The domed shape helps reduce cooking time.

For more information about their knives and cookware, visit their website at www.gunterwilhelm.com

Kathryn Raaker interviews her friend, Bill McHenry from Widgeteer Inc., who introduces Kathryn to some of the new products they represent. Valira Cookware is one of the products Kathryn is sharing with her audience. Bill shows her the Nomad Collection of products including their executive lunch bags and a variety of other kitchen gadgets.

For more information on their products and places you can find them, visit www.widgeteerinc.com

Kathryn Raaker interviews John Vadnais of Vadco Products, LLC known as “The Plumbing and Home Doctor”. John  teaches Kathryn how to clean the inside of toilet in just a few minutes. He also shows her to clean her dishwasher and explains that it will help keep it sparking for over a month. To learn more about Vadco products visit www.hurriclean.com

The second in a series of shows from International Home & Houseware Show 2015 in Chicago. Kathryn Raaker interviews Tracey of “Microplane”, a registered trademark of Grace Manufacturing Inc., which is a US based company. Their blades are chemically etched, stainless steel, which means they never get dull. New to this year is their box grater that has five blades and a cap so you can see your measurements.

Tracy also demonstrated their award winning herb cutter.

Their products can be found at most houseware stores or on their website www.microplane.com