The second in a series of shows from International Home & Houseware Show 2015 in Chicago. Kathryn Raaker interviews Tracey of “Microplane”, a registered trademark of Grace Manufacturing Inc., which is a US based company. Their blades are chemically etched, stainless steel, which means they never get dull. New to this year is their box grater that has five blades and a cap so you can see your measurements.

Tracy also demonstrated their award winning herb cutter.

Their products can be found at most houseware stores or on their website

This is the second series of interviews at the International Home & Houseware Show 2015 in Chicago Illinois.

Kathryn Raaker interviews founder Donald Henn of New Era Cookware and Hammer Stahl Cutlery. Their stainless steel seven ply cookware, typically used by professional chefs is now available for the home cook. They have many products for both the professional chef or beginner cooks. All their products are made in the USA.

Their products are available at either or

Kathryn continues her adventures at the 2015 International Home & Houseware Show in Chicago. Kathryn meets Joe Farley who demonstrates the shows Kathryn Raaker their olive press from Olive X-press. In addition, Joe explains their organically treated olives will stay fresh in your refrigerator for up to 24 months.

Olive X-press.

Kathryn Raaker interviews different companies presenting their products at the 2015 International Home & Houseware Show in Chicago.

This Segment Michelle Stone of Igloo Products Corp. unveils their new “Party Collection,” which includes the Party Bar, inspired by the Texas Icehouse and other innovative products. To check out these and other products, visit their website at