Chef Kathryn Raaker and guest Maria Dunaway, prepare family favorite on this episode of The Chef, You, and I.

Filipino Cuisine with Chef Kathryn & Chef Maria

“The Chef, You, and I” is an exciting culinary journey that brings renowned Chef Kathryn Raaker together with talented guest chefs, such as the delightful Chef Maria Dunaway, to create mouthwatering dishes that tantalize the taste buds and inspire viewers to get hands-on in their own kitchens.

In this episode, prepare to be transported to the vibrant world of Filipino cuisine as Chef Kathryn and Chef Maria collaborate to craft a sensational Seafood Paella, locally known as Filipino Paelya. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of the Philippines as they expertly combine an array of seafood with fragrant rice, creating a dish that captures the essence of Filipino culinary traditions.

But the culinary adventure doesn’t stop there! Join the chefs in whipping up a delectable Coconut Corn Pudding, or Maja Blanca, a sweet and creamy Filipino dessert that promises to be the perfect finale to your dining experience. Watch as they share tips, techniques, and stories that add a personal touch to every recipe, making the cooking process both educational and entertaining.

“The Chef, You, and I” is more than just a cooking show; it’s an invitation to explore diverse cuisines, connect with talented chefs, and empower viewers to embark on their own culinary adventures. Get ready to experience the joy of cooking alongside these culinary maestros, as they blend expertise, creativity, and a sprinkle of fun into every episode.

Filipino Paelya

Seafood Paella (Filipino Paelya)

Recipe by Maria Dunaway


  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp minced garlic about 3 cloves, (optional if you cannot eat garlic)
  • 1 cup tomato sauce canned tomatoes or chopped fresh tomatoes.
  • 1 cup short grain rice
  • 1 tsp saffron threads
  • 3 cups warm water
  • ½ lb mussels, about a dozen shells on or off (the shellfish could be pre-cooked)
  • ½ lb Little neck clams, about a dozen shells on
  • 1 cup squid rings

The following ingredients are optional if you have room or if you are cooking for a feast or party:

  • Prawns shells off or on, heads off
  • Vegetables such as green peas, red bell peppers, etc.


  • In a wide and shallow pan such as a paella pan (or paellera), sauté garlic in olive oil till soft. Caution: do not burn the garlic.
  • Add the tomatoes till sauce gets thick.
  • Add the rice and stir quickly to coat with the sauce.
  • Add the water, boil.
  • Add the saffron
  • Add all the shellfish and tuck into the rice.
  • Add some lemon juice to temper the garlicky aroma.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Cover pan, lower heat and simmer 15 to 20 mins till rice is fluffy and cooked through.. Do not stir.
  • Increase stove temp to high and cook for 2 more minutes till toasted rice (called Socarrat) forms at the bottom of pan.
  • Take pan off the heat and allow to rest, covered about 10 mins before serving.

Maja Blanca


(Coconut Corn pudding) Recipe by Maria Dunaway


  • 13.5 fluid oz coconut milk (1 can)
  • 1 ½ cup Evaporated or almond milk
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • ¾ cup cornstarch dissolved in ¾ cup milk
  • ½ cup creamed corn


  • Grease a square pan with butter or coconut oil.
  • Combine coconut milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk in a pot.
  • Boil, keep stirring, the milk will start splattering so caution.
  • Add the creamed corn.
  • Add the cornstarch mix.
  • Keep stirring till mixture is all pasty and easily comes off the sides of the pot like a blob.
  • Pour mixture into the greased pan.
  • Smooth the top with a spatula or butter knife so get rid of the bubbles.
  • Let it settle before cooling it in the fridge.
  • Serve cold with toasted coconut flakes or coconut curds (latik) on top.


  • Pour a can of coconut cream into the same pot and stir in medium heat till volume is reduced to toasted brown curds form. You could also use coconut milk but that will take longer.