Kathryn Raaker is Executive Producer of various television and radio shows. Kathryn hosts her syndicated radio show “Let’s Just Talk” She is on iHeart Radio with all her shows.  Kathryn has been producing TV and radio for a number of years and has her own production company along with her husband Bill.  She is a member of the Women In Film and Video located in Washington, DC.

Through her radio talk show, TV shows, public speaking engagements, and websites Kathryn informs and educates the public on issues that affect their lives, concentrating on health and wellness issues and important preventive issues that affect her listener’s and viewers everyday lives. Kathryn’s love of cooking, coupled with her constant concern for her own weight and that of others, prompted her to create the TV show “The Chef you and I”.  Kathryn has loved cooking since she was very young for her siblings, parents, and friends.  The oldest of seven children, she learned early as her mom worked and needed Kathryn to help in the kitchen. Kathryn helped in the kitchen from the time she was 7.  Learning all the secrets of healthy (and not so healthy) recipes that were handed down from her Grandmothers and mother’s German, Polish and Irish ancestry has influenced her cooking throughout her lifetime.

Over the years, she traveled with her husband and lived in numerous countries, all contributing to her multi-ethnic taste buds! This blended variety of tastes has become a part of Kathryn’s cooking resume. In working with chefs from around the world, she learned their secrets, which she brings to her viewers in the Chef You and I show.

In addition to cooking, Kathryn attended Otley College, in Suffolk, England, for Horticulture and Design and mentored under Paul Norman, the top Constance Spry Florist while living abroad.  In the last twenty years through her radio and television programs, she has shared these artistic endeavors with her listeners and viewers.  Kathryn is honored to be mentoring and teaching these age-old tips and techniques.

Partnering with many chefs has enhanced her love of in the art of cooking. Preparing and serving delicious, healthy meals helps the whole family stay active and on the right track. Kathryn’s goal and mission for the Chef You and I show is to Get America Healthy by taking ordinary, everyday foods that are loaded with calories and cut the calories in half. Make smaller portion sizes and teach people they can get back to basics and make healthy meals, helping to prevent obesity and other unhealthy factors.